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    Our webservice allows you to convert your idle CPU power for different cryptocurrencys and makes for an easy way to earn some extra funds.
    Easy like a piece of cake, just enter your coin wallet and you can immediately start with your coinmining.

    Please disable all Adblocker or Blocking Coin Mining Plugins and also actived Java-Script to get the full Mining Power.

    Payout Coins : Bitcore BTX

Bitcore (BTX)

Price each BTX


Hashes / 1 BTX


Reward 100M Hashes

0.27 BTX

1 Hash

0.000000002669 BTX

Minimal Payout

0.23829934 BTX

    Bitcore Web Miner Alpha

    0.26692580 BTX each 100 000 000 Hashes
    374,635,953.59 Hashes for 1 BTX
    0.000000002669 BTX for 1 Hash

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User total


Hashes total


Minted BTX

$ 6.51

User Payouts